LET-a CeMAT ASIA event 2021

Guangzhou International Cold Chain Logistics and Equipment Exhibition 2021

Guangzhou International Automated Packaging and Packing products Exhibition 2021

Guangzhou International Logistics and Supply Chain Exhibition 2021

IMS - a CeMAT ASIA event 2021 & IIoT Show 2021


Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China

Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province



Hannover Milano Best Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.



Guangdong Packaging Technology Association

Guangdong Cold Chain Association

Guangzhou Logistics Profession Association



China Council For The Promotion of International Trade Guangzhou Sub-Council

China Chamber of International Commerce Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce

Arab Businessmen Forum (China)

Canton Chamber of Commerce in Laos

Guangdong Manufacturers Association 

Guangdong Paper Association

GuangDong Provincial Cleaner Production Association

Guangdong Gansu Chamber of Commerce

Guangzhou Enterprise Confederation

Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Trade

Guangzhou  Municipal Association of Grain Sector

Guangzhou Port Shipping Service Association

Guangzhou Cylinder LPG Industry Association

Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Profession Association

Guangzhou Leather & Footwear Association

Chamber of commerce in beijing street

The Nancun General Chamber of Commerce

Shenzhen Cold Chain and Urban Logistics Association

Shenzhen Mobile Communication Asscition

Shunde Electronic Information Chamber of Commerce

The Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment of Shunde

Dongguan Bonded Logistic Association

Dongguan Cold Chain Association

Dongguan Industrial Automation Industry Association

Huizhou Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment

Zhuhai Economic Development and Promotion Association

Zhuhai Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Union                           

Zhuhai Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce

Industrial Promotion Association of Zhuhai Xiangzhou Digital Economy

Zhongshan Logistics Association

Jiangmen Logistics Profession Association

Zhaoqing Electronic Information Industry Association